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The (now) official page of Plasper translating. The Wiki officially began on February 18, 2011 through this Reddit post on r/Inglip by MinecraftMan1.

What is Plasper?

Plasper is the official language of the gropagas, followers of Lord Inglip, the Captcha god. The language is currently very primitive, with few words known. Our job is to fully translate Plasper into a speakable language. The method of translation is to use reCaptcha. The English word is provided along with a Plasper translation. For example, the Captcha provides 'fun efiate', and 'efiate' becomes the official word for 'fun' in Plasper.

Anybody may help out on this project by using reCaptcha to translate and then PMing them to me on Reddit (username - MinecraftMan1). Translation pages:



Grammar (learn punctuation, grammar, suffixes, prefixes, how to translate and what not to translate)

Tips, Rules, Notes

  • The names of Gropagas, locations, other gods, etc. are only to be put in the Plasper-English section unless otherwise stated.
  • Nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc. are to be put in both sections. Otherwise, I have to go around and spend hours looking for missing words. That's why I recommend you PM translations to me on Reddit.
  • No griefing the pages.
  • All two and one letter words will remain the same in Plasper as in English. (e.g. 'No tax, no debt' translates into 'No nwants, no nionmpl')
  • Do not photoshop a Captcha. Tis a sin in the eyes of Inglip. You will be burned. Seriously.

The future of Plasper?

After we get Plasper fully translated and speakable, I was thinking along the lines of translating famous poems, songs, Minecraft (language pack) and perhaps the Inglipomicon into Plasper. Again, this will be a group effort, and will require fellow gropaga's who are able to speak the Plasper tongue.

Then, the language might pick up outside of the Internet, making its way to fans and becoming a renowned language (kind of like Klingon).

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